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Reader Bundles!

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I'm so excited to finally announce that Reader Bundles are here! These reader bundles are something I dreamed up, designed, and created to give you the deepest, fullest experience possible by engaging your senses, improving your comfort, and giving you access to behind the scenes information you can't find anywhere else. I worked with custom suppliers, got over my camera shyness, and even learned how to make candles to make this a reality, and I'm pretty excited about the end result. Here's how it works:

The Basic Reader Bundle: In this bundle, you will receive a signed novel of your choice addressed to you or someone you choose. To go along with your novel, you will also receive an artisan candle that was created and hand poured by me, featuring scents that were pulled from the story to create a matching ambiance. To further set the mood, you will also receive a Spotify playlist I often used while writing the story that reflects the atmosphere and characters. You will also receive over an hour of extra video content with exclusive info you won't find anywhere else. Last, this package also includes a beautiful custom-made, engraved wooden bookmark inspired by The Clinch.

The Premium Reader Bundle: This is the ultimate experience, designed specifically to pack in as much value as humanly possible, and I'm so excited by what I was able to put together. This luxury package includes two signed books of your choice, over an hour of extra video content, specially made playlists, and book-inspired scented candles for both of your novel choices. It also includes the engraved wooden bookmark and a Les Lit Podcast coffee mug for your favorite reading beverage. You will also get two special items not offered outside of this package. First, a Romance themed candle featuring scents of Rose and Chocolate, and second, the softest throw blanket around to snuggle with. The purpose of this package is to curate and provide everything you will need to create a deeper and more meaningful reading experience than ever before.

Please visit the Merch Page to get your reader package now! Or browse around if you're after something specific as we are offering many of the items individually as well!

Love always,

Nicole Disney

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